How to refresh snapshots for links with AJAX

Those of you who use for showing thumbnails of links on their website might have the same prob I had:

When loading parts of the website (using AJAX) which include a link the snap-function doesn’t recognize these links and doesn’t offer a snapshot since the website has already been loaded.

Originally, you only had to integrate the following function at the end of your JS-function and the links of the AJAX-parts have been recognized also:


BUT changed their code and now it won’t work any longer.

If you now want to refresh the page to even recognize the AJAX-driven links simply add the following line (bold) to your existing code:

SNAP_COM.shot_main_js_called = false;


This should solve the issue and all links added via AJAX on your website should now be recognized by also. ;)

Hope I could somehow and best wishes,

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