XTractor for Jira (Cloud)

Office 365 Add-in for Microsoft Excel enabling direct data extraction from Jira (Cloud) for generating reports
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1. Overview & Features

 XTractor for Jira (Cloud) enables data extraction of your Jira (Cloud) project with a smooth and intelligent integration into Microsoft Excel (Online & Offline).

Key features:
  • Working only from within Microsoft Excel (no switching between browser and Excel necessary)
  • No knowledge of Jira software necessary (perfect for management level)
  • Perfect integration into Microsoft Excel (Office 365)
  • No configuration in Jira necessary (no need to install any plug-ins or add-ins)
  • No knowledge about JQL necessary
  • Dynamic data exchange with Atlassian Jira Cloud
  • Integrated automatic creation of several charts (depending on the selected fields)
  • Integrated conditional formatting
  • Saves settings per user for future usage (makes it much faster and easier to re-call the same selections again, no user registration needed)
  • Multi-language support (currently English & German - additional language-support planned)

The current version of "XTractor for Jira (Cloud)"
  • does not support Google accounts and
  • does not support Jira (Server)
These features are planned to be integrated in future versions.

2. Case study

HDC developed an add-in for Office 365 (Excel) to ensure a smooth, fast and easy handling for creating complex reports based on existing Jira (Cloud) issues.
One of the main aspects was to reduce the amount of workload needed to be done for getting reports about existing issues in Jira.
Understanding the Jira environment, changing and generating filters in Jira (via the browser), downloading issue lists and finally importing these lists into Microsoft Excel are now history.
With XTractor for Jira (Cloud) you only need one application - Microsoft Excel. No more and you'll be able to generate perfect daily reports and data analysis.

3. How to

How to install "XTractor for Jira (Cloud)"

How "XTractor for Jira (Cloud)" works:
  • First, load our add-in you can find at the official Microsoft AppSource.
  • Start "XTractor for Jira (Cloud)" with a simple click on the insert ribbon or by using the command in the context menu
  • Enter your credentials for establishing a connection to your Jira (Cloud) (only once necessary)
  • Select the board (project), the fields you want to xtract, a sprint (if needed) and the type of issues you want to be listed in your report.
    You don't have to enter any data - simply select these elements by a simple mouseclick
  • Get the extract in seconds including several charts "XTractor for Jira (Cloud)" already created for you (depending on the selected fields)
  • Additional information are available in the video on top of this page

How to get a Jira account and a Jira environment (for free):
  • Click here to visit Atlassian's website.
  • Select one of the given cloud products you can test free for 7 days.
  • Enter your credentials and follow the steps to create your Jira environment.
  • We recommend to select "See a project in action" when selecting the options for your Jira environment.
    To do so, simply click on "Create sample project".
  • When you're done - you should see the following (or at least a similar) screen:

Latest updates
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Questions, wishes, suggestions, help needed?
Please contact us at any time via
 xtractor (at) h-d-c.de

Project Details

Customer: in-house-development

Date: May 2018

Link: Microsoft AppSource

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